Thursday, December 23, 2010

festive pillow

A few years ago I found an adorable little Christmas fabric.  I made my Mom a pillow for Christmas and had enough leftover to make one for myself.  Well, my sister has been jealous since.  In fact she has threatened bodily harm.  Not really, but that does make the story more dramatic.  However, I searched for the fabric everywhere and it was nowhere to be found!!!  I even searched online to no avail.  I mean, you can usually hunt down anything online and I have some mad googling skillz.  Lo and behold, a handkerchief of all things was found at Hobby Lobby last year!  So this year, I got busy sewing and made my lovely sister a pillow.  I really love how it turned out!

The finished product.  Mine is just plain but I like how hers turned out with a little layered flower and button:

Linen backed.  What is it about linen that is just SO yummy?!

The little sledding children (scarves flying) are my fave.  :)


Marisa said...

Very cute! I know she will love it!

jenny said...

This is adorable! I am going to have to step it up to keep up with my bible study girls when it comes to crafting! You girls are producing some beautiful things lately.