Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Vacation 2010

We went on vacation a little over a month ago and had a great time. Vacation for us is such a relaxing and bonding time as a family. We never get that much uninterrupted (a relative term with 3 children!) as a family so it's always a great week to recharge. Silas had issues about being in a new place and I think it stirred up some trust issues. It was definitely a challenge at times, but overall we had a fabulous time. Once we were back we worked really hard and focused on attachment with him and he's doing awesome now! So anyway, what you really want to see is a few pictures! I say "few" because I took...A LOT. So I just decided to post a couple beachy pictures. Maybe I'll post some others at another time!

Silas right after stepping on the sand our first evening there. He didn't totally hate it...yet. 5 minutes later was another story!
Maya checking out the powerful waves
Gibson doing a little happy dance
The look we got from him when we took them to the beach the next day. Ha!
Little Lulu looking out on the water
Gibson "kung-fu-ing" the ocean
Lil' bub snuggling Daddy
Fun in the sun and waves!
Yes, I was there. Although I think I only have 3 pics to document that fact!
By the end of the week we had him sitting in the sand and splashing in a bucket. He still didn't like the sand or waves, but we were thrilled with the progress!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

father's day!

You are the best. The one and only for me. My forever love. The only one I want. My baby daddy. I'd still choose you.
Happy Father's Day!!!
(ps-you look hot in this picture)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

one year...

One year ago we received a call that would change our family forever. It was a crazy day full of chaos, excitement, and many tears of joy. We opened the pictures our agency sent and saw little Yigermal for the first time. Yigermal in Amharic means, "it's astonishing", or "incredible". It really was incredible and astonishing the way God had worked to bring him into our family.

Here he is as a malnourished (less than 11 pounds) 7 month old, compared to a now healthy 19 month old:
The void in his eyes before makes my heart hurt, but I now see eyes full of joy and life every day!
The past year has certainly not been easy, but it has been MORE than worth it. We're so blessed by this sweet boy! We love you Silas Yigermal! What a difference a year makes...