Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So...my darling little boy is officially a kindergartener. Last Monday, the 23rd, was our first day. Even though we're schooling at home I thought I might get all emotional up in here, but I didn't at all! I was just as excited to get underway as he was. I thought I was in the clear, so the tears surprised me on Saturday. We were at the evening gathering of our church and they called in all of the school age kids to pray for them and the new year. I saw him march down that aisle with his class and that's when it hit me. I have a school age child. I have tears just thinking about that moment. He looked so big. I was suddenly consumed with pride, happiness, teeny bit of sadness, excitement, remembering his first breath and wanting to run down there and scoop him up, yet seeing him look like a little man...good gracious it's a crazy, jumbled thing being a mama! He is loving EVERY SINGLE SECOND of school and I couldn't be more proud of him. He is learning something new every day and I love that I get to be here to witness it and build within him a love for learning. What a sweet, sweet privilege.

So here he is, day 1:
I just have to squeeze him sometimes!
Daddy with all of his babes:
Of course it was Maya's first day too!
These two are such good buds and it's the cutest. Love this pic:
I had just gotten back from a workout, so be forgiving :). He looks adorable with his little pursed lips though!
And of course little Bubs was there, still decked out in his jam jams. Goodness he's scrumptious!
Here's to a great year!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010


My sweet, sweet baby. How is it that you are 4 today? It's going too fast! You are such an amazing girl. You are sweetness, spunk, beauty, sass, and goofiness all wrapped up in one little body. And I wouldn't want it any other way. You are such a little mama, taking care of everyone around you (and maybe bossing them a little while you're at it). You always have a story to tell and a little giggle waiting. You are full of passion and love. You are my BEST GIRL. I love you Maya. I hope this happy birthday of yours is so special!

*nope, not one picture was "posed". she's just a ham. one delicious little ham.

Monday, August 9, 2010


For quite awhile Maya asked to cut her hair short so we cut it shoulder length (I just typed link instead of length and had to change it. Shoulder link. I'm insane.) and she was happy for a whole week about it. Then I started hearing a constant pleading for shorter shorter shorter. So I took her to a little walk-in place and they all ooh'd and aah'd over her and she loved every single minute. However, we left with it sort of looking bowlish and I just wasn't feelin it. I kept trying to talk myself into it though but later that night Phil said, "So...not sure how I feel about the hair," and I knew for sure something had to be done. So I got out my scissors and cut some layers in the back. It added some volume and just broke up the bowl a bit. Now we love it and she looks adorable!

And now she wants to grow it long. She is my daughter after all.