Friday, February 25, 2011

easy project alert!

I still have out my fabric scraps from craft night this week, and just bought some new hair ties.  What a lovely coincidence!

Check out this cute headband!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Maya-4.5 edition

Here are some excerpts from a funny little interview I did with Maya today.  Of course for her answers I had to type at lightening speed to get them word for word.  She get's a little excited.

What do you think about fashion?
What I think about fashion is that it can be really sparkly.  My favorite is sparkly, it doesn't matter what color it is.  It could even be black.  And here's my other thing:  what I loved about mommy's wedding dress is that it was white and sparkly.  And I really love a dress I saw on the computer that my mommy loved.  It was my favorite.  My mommy is really, really beautiful.  (She said that all on her own.  I promise!)

What do you have to say about being a kid?
Oh great.  I love this choice.  What I like about being a kid is eating dinner with my family.  I really love to have fun with daddy too.

What are some important issues you think about?
I don't really think about important stuff.

What is something you would love to have?
Oh, I really really want my own jewelry box.  And another thing is maybe a whole princess room.  And I wouldn't let the boys come in.

Do you have a secret?
Yes!  My special dream I had.  It was the funnest day ever and we went out with Haven and one of our other friends and we went to the children's museum.  We saw a new exhibit for girls and you could dress up in this big room.  It was the greatest ever.  Then I woke up.

If you had a day to do whatever you want, what would you do?
Let's see here...go to the children's museum, hang out with my family, watch 2 movies, and go shopping with you, and hmmm let's see what else...I would love to go to a place to get a special treat like Ele.  And the best thing...go to a place we could both dress up together!

And then I ran out of questions.  And my fingers were tired.  She straight cracks me up!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


 It was a warm, sunny February day.  It was in the 50's and glorious.  I was happy, calm, and just plain excited.  I was about to marry my best friend. 
Putting the final touches on my makeup...

 Phil's dad helping him prepare...
My dad walking me down the aisle.
I LOVED my bouquet, full of tulips and snapdragons...
 Young and in love...
 Husband and wife!  Finally!
So glad we went with that striped tie babe.  You looked handsome...
The whole party.  That blue carpet was pretty sweet, huh?
 My girls hanging out at the reception.  I just love this shot of everyone happy and smiling.  And it's a great shot of their beautiful tulip bouquets...
 Surrounded by our favorite friends and family!
 We hadn't kissed in a LONG time before our wedding, so we smooched a lot that day.  And liked it...
 Our beautiful and tasty cake made by the sweetest little 80-year-old lady...
 And we're off!
 And with the balloons floating off into the distance, we were onto the rest of our lives...

Today we celebrate 9 years together.  The years have been full of joy, sorrow, challenge,  Nine years and three babies later, I can without question say that I would still choose him.  
He makes me laugh like no one else.  
His hugs make this world a better place.  
He knows me to my core...and then still loves me anyway!  

Phil-  I love you!!!!!!  You're my favorite.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Today Gibson took a nap.  He NEVER takes a nap anymore, but still enjoys his quiet time each day.  He normally plays legos, does school work, etc.  But after having some fun time playing outside apparently he gave into the sleepiness.  He emerged hot cheeked and rosy, his hair all askew.  And what were the first words out of his mouth while he gave me a squeeze?
"Mommy I love you.  You're my favorite.  You're like those tiny grapes I ate at lunch today.  They're the sweetest ones."

I still haven't recovered.


Just having a day where I can't stop listening to this song.  Love Adele and her singing this song just never gets old to me!

Monday, February 14, 2011


We aren't over-the-top Valentiners around here, but we are having a fun day so far!  First we kicked the day off with some pancake hearts:
 Then we were off for a few errands.  Look at these 3 little cutie pies in their vests!
 Maya loving her fun gift we got for her when we were out of town this past weekend:
 Homemade note from my sugary sweet Gibson.  You drive me crazy too baby, in all the best ways!
 Maya's Valentine for Daddy:
 That little lightening bolt above her name?  It's fitting.  :)

I think we'll finish the day off with a light dinner and MAYBE a special treat afterward.  Phil's meeting was cancelled for tonight so we might just curl up and watch a movie.  Cause I doubt he'll watch the Bachelor with me...even if it is Valentine's Day.

Friday, February 4, 2011


This was almost 4 years ago...

Excuse me while I go cry.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

newness around the house

A few new things around the house that are making me happy...

I ordered this little poster from this shop on Etsy and it has made my husband happier than possibly any other home decor I've ever purchased.  He loves it.  It makes me smile.  
This is a little banner I made one day while the kids were napping.  Right now its hanging in our living room for a little bit of Valentine goodness.  Perhaps it will be used for a future Ciao Bella photo shoot?
 Nothing fancy, just scrapbook paper and some nubby twine.
That "W" sign was a Christmas gift from my friend Kate.  I really need a better no-glare pic of it because I love it!  She and her husband have come up with some fabulous designs so I keep telling them to open an Etsy shop already.  I'll keep you posted if it happens!  
 My cutie pie shower curtain is in place and I'm loving the splash of color it gives our very white bathroom.
 I had some black and white photos hanging on one of the bathroom walls but the new shower curtain just didn't jive with the prints.  I took some ugly old flower pictures that were hanging in our bedroom and had some diy fun.  I just painted the frames black and swapped out the pictures for some word art I created on wordle.  This little project cost me all of zero dollars and I love the difference it made in our little bathroom!

In other decorating news, our bedroom transformation has begun!  Hopefully I can share the finished product in the next few weeks!!!