Monday, February 14, 2011


We aren't over-the-top Valentiners around here, but we are having a fun day so far!  First we kicked the day off with some pancake hearts:
 Then we were off for a few errands.  Look at these 3 little cutie pies in their vests!
 Maya loving her fun gift we got for her when we were out of town this past weekend:
 Homemade note from my sugary sweet Gibson.  You drive me crazy too baby, in all the best ways!
 Maya's Valentine for Daddy:
 That little lightening bolt above her name?  It's fitting.  :)

I think we'll finish the day off with a light dinner and MAYBE a special treat afterward.  Phil's meeting was cancelled for tonight so we might just curl up and watch a movie.  Cause I doubt he'll watch the Bachelor with me...even if it is Valentine's Day.


Jessica said...

Love all of it!! AND...I am also DVRing the Bachelor...maybe we can do a little grammy/bachelor night :)

jenny said...

The vest pic is too much! They are so cute! Looks like it was a day filled with lots of love! Enjoy your night with your hubs!