Thursday, February 24, 2011

Maya-4.5 edition

Here are some excerpts from a funny little interview I did with Maya today.  Of course for her answers I had to type at lightening speed to get them word for word.  She get's a little excited.

What do you think about fashion?
What I think about fashion is that it can be really sparkly.  My favorite is sparkly, it doesn't matter what color it is.  It could even be black.  And here's my other thing:  what I loved about mommy's wedding dress is that it was white and sparkly.  And I really love a dress I saw on the computer that my mommy loved.  It was my favorite.  My mommy is really, really beautiful.  (She said that all on her own.  I promise!)

What do you have to say about being a kid?
Oh great.  I love this choice.  What I like about being a kid is eating dinner with my family.  I really love to have fun with daddy too.

What are some important issues you think about?
I don't really think about important stuff.

What is something you would love to have?
Oh, I really really want my own jewelry box.  And another thing is maybe a whole princess room.  And I wouldn't let the boys come in.

Do you have a secret?
Yes!  My special dream I had.  It was the funnest day ever and we went out with Haven and one of our other friends and we went to the children's museum.  We saw a new exhibit for girls and you could dress up in this big room.  It was the greatest ever.  Then I woke up.

If you had a day to do whatever you want, what would you do?
Let's see here...go to the children's museum, hang out with my family, watch 2 movies, and go shopping with you, and hmmm let's see what else...I would love to go to a place to get a special treat like Ele.  And the best thing...go to a place we could both dress up together!

And then I ran out of questions.  And my fingers were tired.  She straight cracks me up!


Kate said...

Well, we should Maya's dreams come true and get a date on the calendar for the museum!

Marisa said...

She's so articulate! And so cute!

jenny said...

Oh this is too funny! She is one conversational girl! A great interview to look back on when she's older.

Jessica said...

First of all her picture is A-dorable!!! Second...she is just so stinkin' cute...much like her momma!!

Jeni said...

She's a hoot! This was a cute and a fun memory :).