Tuesday, February 1, 2011

newness around the house

A few new things around the house that are making me happy...

I ordered this little poster from this shop on Etsy and it has made my husband happier than possibly any other home decor I've ever purchased.  He loves it.  It makes me smile.  
This is a little banner I made one day while the kids were napping.  Right now its hanging in our living room for a little bit of Valentine goodness.  Perhaps it will be used for a future Ciao Bella photo shoot?
 Nothing fancy, just scrapbook paper and some nubby twine.
That "W" sign was a Christmas gift from my friend Kate.  I really need a better no-glare pic of it because I love it!  She and her husband have come up with some fabulous designs so I keep telling them to open an Etsy shop already.  I'll keep you posted if it happens!  
 My cutie pie shower curtain is in place and I'm loving the splash of color it gives our very white bathroom.
 I had some black and white photos hanging on one of the bathroom walls but the new shower curtain just didn't jive with the prints.  I took some ugly old flower pictures that were hanging in our bedroom and had some diy fun.  I just painted the frames black and swapped out the pictures for some word art I created on wordle.  This little project cost me all of zero dollars and I love the difference it made in our little bathroom!

In other decorating news, our bedroom transformation has begun!  Hopefully I can share the finished product in the next few weeks!!!


Kate said...

Love the prints you did for the bathroom- super cute and even cuter cause they were free! Little changes are the best!

Marisa said...

Love it all!!!

jenny said...

Again, look at you bible study girls! The craft night needs to be scheduled asap!!! I am loving those prints in the bathroom....so stinkin cute!

Momma of The B.M.C. Report said...

I am loving all of this craftiness! The "W" is so cute!

Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

LOVING what I'm finding on theinksociety shop! And they're "local" for me. Also, thank you for introducing me to Wordle. What a fun site! Your house looks cute.