Wednesday, March 9, 2011

over it

We had a nasty virus visit Mr. Gibson last week.  It wasn't pretty.  I was so worried I was about to take him to the hospital.  I'm not too easily freaked out but this one scared me.  After 2-3 days he was completely back to his sweet self.  Well, he never lost the sweetness.  In fact, when he gets sick he's like the nicest, quietest person in the world.  He even vomits quietly.  Too much?  Well, it's not the first time I've discussed vomit around here.
We were so glad the rest of us had emerged unscathed.
But then Monday rolled around and I felt a little "off".  By late afternoon I had a full on fever and some stomach issues.  Then the tiredness hit me.  OH THE TIREDNESS.  Now I know why I was worried about Gib's limp noodle body, because I was now experiencing the extreme limpness.  I had to cancel my bible study girls coming over (BOO!!!) and just hunkered down for the night.
Yesterday?  Repeat of the same.
Today?  Well it's 4pm and I'm definitely making progress.  I had to run to the store for a few things this morning and upon my return I thought I might collapse.  A quick trip had plum worn me out.  Just this afternoon I tried to pick a few things up around the house and ended up dizzy and hot-faced.
Tomorrow?  Praying normalcy returns!

(PS just a few more small things and the bedroom will be revealed!  remember me talking about that?  well, it's been done for almost a month now, but i just want to stick a few more things in before i show it off!)


Kate said...

So glad you're almost better! It's no good when mama's sick!

jenny said...

Hoping each day this week has brought you back to a full recovery! SO bummed to that you had to miss out on Monday night....we missed you! Hoping that nasty bug skips everyone else in the house.