Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring school

Schooling our children at home this year has been challenging, stretching, and a big ol' blessing.  Has it been hard?  Yep.  Have I struggled with excitement and consistency sometimes (or, um, often)?  Most def.  But it truly has been such a joy.  When I look at how much they've learned this school year, I know it can be chalked up as a success.  Even though I feel like a failure sometimes!  But He gives more grace.  I have counted it a privilege to see the little light bulbs go off in their brains when we learn something new, or when they recall something we talked about months ago. 
So far this school year we have used Five in a Row curriculum.  It was great and a different approach to learning that has been really fun.  We finished our lesson book and instead of starting a new one, I decided to just go ahead and plan out the rest of our school year until we do some summer studies.  I'm basically just doing a thematic approach and chose some things I either want to focus on teaching them, or what they are really interested in learning about right now.  Last week we did Spring.  They had a blast!  We took a field trip to my parents house in the country to explore and find signs of Spring, we painted, we read fun books, we planted seeds, we played outside observing little things poking up through the ground and the weather change.  A great week all around! 

I always try to choose some versatile books that are written in different styles and have different illustration mediums.  This one looked like cut paper pieced together to form each picture. 
 I also always try to choose some multi-cultural action.
 This was a book of poems and it had such sweet little illustrations to go along with each one.  Very watercolorish and soft.
 This book was very simple and had a very graphic look.  A good change up.
 This one described life on a farm and how a child discovered Spring all around.  Loved the pics in this one and how much family life was mixed into the story.
 I think their fave activity of the week was planting seeds. 
They stared at it multiple times a day waiting to see some growth.  This week we have green sprouts all over.  They are so excited!  Now Mommy just needs to remember to water it...
 Friday is always art day around here and one of their favorite days of the week.  It's mine too.  :)  I love art day!
 Maya painted a floral masterpiece.

 Look at those sweet, tiny hands.
It has been scientifically proven that sticking your tongue out improves concentration and performance.  At least it does for Gib. 
Adorable in her lil painting apron.
So proud of his creation!


Kate said...

We all enjoyed these books today and will definitely be repeated through the week. Thanks for sharing!

Jesse {GoodGirlGoneGlad} said...

YAY for you! Homeschooling can have it's challenging days, but I think the good definitely out ways the bad! It is a blessing! Your kiddos are so cute! Look forward to seeing that wreath!

One chance at this life said...

You are a great Momma!! Love the multicultural stuff :). Will sticks his tongue out too, whenever he is concentrating on anything. I think it is so cute!,

Traci said...

What cute pics. We really must book a photo shoot w/you! I'll contact you about it. I love how natural your photos are and how you capture such candid shots. HS is intimidating, but I look forward to it. We plan on starting this fall with Isaac for preschool!

Marisa said...

Great stuff, Amber! I love the freedom of homeschooling!

Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

You know in all the years we homeschooled (12 yrs total for my mom by the time we were all done), I think my mom never felt "on top of it." However, she always said she learned a lot and we all went to college. I think you're doing a great job! I'm so excited to hear you're using FIAR. We have the Before FIAR and are gathering books to start using with Nugget. I just love it!