Monday, March 28, 2011

these 3

Being a Mom can be a tough gig.  Sometimes I get frustrated, overwhelmed, angry, tired, impatient...and the list goes on and on.  Most of it tied to my own selfishness.
But then I look at those smiling, giggling, silly faces above.  My heart is filled with joy, love, thankfulness, pride, laughter...and guess what?  That list goes on and on too, only it's longer than the first.  And what is it all tied to?  One extremely gracious Father.
Life with Him is ALWAYS better.


jenny said...

What a blessed mama you are and what blessed kiddos to have such a sweet mama! Love the pics and totally agree....need Jesus to tackle this beautiful journey of mothering!

Kate said...

Why do they have to look so big and grown up in these pics? Glad you're their mama and thankful we get to walk this crazy road together!

Marisa said...

Amen! Love the pics!

Jessica said...

Love you!!