Saturday, April 23, 2011


Somehow this sweet, darling little baby went from this:
to this:
And I promise I only blinked my eye.  
I'm not sure how it happened so fast, but here we are.

Dear Gibson,
You are seriously THE sweetest human being I've ever known.  You love to help, please, and are quick to forgive.  You love to see other people smile and laugh, and you know how to make it happen.  You're SO funny!  Whether you are telling jokes are just making silly faces, you're always the comedian of the party.  You are just full of joy!  Some of your current loves are Star Wars, Lego Star Wars (and just Legos in general), playing wii (anything will do), reading, learning about Jesus, eating spaghetti and pizza, and putting on shows for us.  
I love you my Bear!  I hope this year is your best one yet.  :)

Love Momma


Kate said...

Oh, Gibson! Six?!! How'd that happen?! Happy birthday, buddy! We love you!

Marisa said...

Happy Birthday, Gibson! I remember the day you were born there were huge, fluffy snowflakes hitting the ground! Hope you have a great day!

jenny said...

Happy 6 years, Gibson!!! Enjoy your day celebrating!

Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

Happy birthday to Gibson! So crazy that he is 6 already!