Wednesday, April 20, 2011

name dropping

We are nicknamers around here.  Very rarely do our children get called their actual names.  Maya on several occasions has said with great conviction that her middle name is Lulu, when it's actually Layne.  I should probably work on that.  We have all sorts of crazy nicknames that we've made up on our own, but I also realized how many "famous" names we use on a regular basis...changed slightly to get our point across.
For example:
No way Jose Conseco-  This is pretty obvious.  Why just say "No way Jose" when you could add the Conseco?
Cal Ripskin-  Once Phil scratched me and I said, "What the heck Cal Ripskin?"  It stuck.
Bratticus Finch-  If you're being a little bratty this is your name.  A new twist on an old classic.
Punky Brewster-  Once again, pretty obvious.  But it works so well when someone is just being a punk.
Snotsky and Hutch-  This could pretty much be Silas' permanent name because he's forever snotty.
Grumpelstiltskin-  Grumpy.  Apparently if you have a bad attitude around our house we call you names.  In a sweet, jokey way of course.
Yanni, Live at the Acropolis-  This one dates back to our dating days.  Once when I yawned I said, "I'm so yawny tonight."  Phil replied, "Live at the Acropolis?"  And I totally got it.  We were meant to be.  We say it almost every time one of us yawns.

I know there are more that I'm missing but I just can't think of them right now.  Does anyone else do this or are we the only weird ones out there?

Photo booth fun at a party.  I told you we were weird.


Marisa said...

Love your nicknames! We have some too, but not nearly as creative! :)

Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

Very fun. I can just hear you guys saying them.

Phil said...

I love our family's weirdness!