Tuesday, May 3, 2011

tuesday randoms

-  I spent the weekend with Kate, who so graciously cashed in her girl's weekend trip and asked me to come along.  We shopped, ate delicious food, watched tv (food network, hgtv, and the like), read books, flipped through magazines, talked...and never got on each other's nerves once.  Now that's a good friend!
-  I'm getting my hair cut soon and I CAN'T WAIT.  It's gonna be short ya'll.
-  April showers bring May flowers?  Well apparently here in Ohio April showers bring May showers.  The rain.  It's like it won't end.  We're bored.  And ready to play in the out of doors.
-  I'm reading One Thousand Gifts right now.  It's so good and rich.  Last year I bought a journal and the plan was to end my day writing down some things I was thankful for.  I never did it.  The journal was empty.  Until last night!  The book has inspired me to finally break out that pen and fill some pages.
-  Maya is suddenly saying her r's as r's and no longer w's.  I wondered when they'd go away, and now that those little w r's are gone, I miss them.  I still have her lispy s's though.  That girl is going and growing up without my consent!
-  We leave for vacation in 10 days.  10 DAYS!  I'm excited, and a tad overwhelmed since I have done not one thing to prepare so far.  I also booked several photo shoots to help with vacation costs...so this makes for one busy Mama until we leave!
-  Silas is saying so many words and it's fun.  Also, this makes it much easier to understand what on earth he's shouting about sometimes.
-  Remember that linkalicious post I did a few weeks back?  Well my friend Jenny was at West Elm recently and picked up that little yellow bowl for me, just because she knew how much I liked it.  Such a sweet friend!  It makes me so happy every time I see it!
-  Gibson continues to be quite the little reader.  I got a book at the library yesterday that I thought would be more of a challenge for him.  He sat down and read it in one sitting.  And then proceeded to read it 2 more times before the day was done.  I guess we can step it up even more than I thought!  So proud of him and how much he loves to read!
-  I'm making this list to avoid going to the library and post office.  I have a serious problem with creating a task just to put off doing another.
-  My kids let me sleep in a bit this morning and it was glorious!  Silas was practically silent in his bed and Gibson and Maya were playing quietly.  Except for that little "Hey Maya, I love you" I heard from the other room just as my feet were about to hit the floor.  Such a wonderful way to start my day.  I mean, right now they're all fighting, so you have to treasure up the good stuff for times like these I guess.
-  My husband is my spider killer and I love him for it.  I will kill them when I have to, but the one in our bedroom last night was positioned over my head.  I really hate to kill them when they're over my head.  Creeps me out.
-  I had a rainy photo shoot last night that I wasn't super excited about (because of the nasty weather) and ended up leaving blessed to my core.  If anyone knows the Shanahan family, you'll know why.

And I think that's enough of a list for now.  Have a happy Tuesday!

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Kate said...

it was a lovely weekend, wasn't it? thanks for going with me! can we go again this weekend?!