Friday, June 24, 2011

summer hairs

Yesterday it was time.  I lined up all 3 and did 3 hair cuts in a row.  Thanks to some Inspector Gadget on Netflix, it was no problem at all.  They were all getting the sweaty, stinky hair of summer, so we took off some inches.

The before pictures:

And after:
 He loves his hair and he told me a girl at VBS told him he was "just too cute".  Ha!  He said he thought that was weird.
 Maya has been clamoring for shorter hair so she got it.  It's a little wonky around her face after sleeping on it.
 Here's a pic of the back.  I wish I could cut the back of my own hair and make it look like this!
 And now for the biggest change of all...Silas!
 My baby is gone and I'm left with a handsome toddler.  It takes me off guard every time I look at him!


Kate said...

love the new hair-do's! silas looks crazy old! i just told cale we need to buzz mati's off, now i'm more motivated to do it!

Marisa said...

So cute! Love all the new 'do's

jenny said...

Cute summer looks! Really does make Silas look older...and they are all ready for some hot summer weather!