Friday, July 15, 2011

camp days

We loved our camp weeks this year!  The kids got to go fishing a few times while we were there, but I was usually back at the (air conditioned!) room while The Bubba Baloosh took a much needed nap.  The last week we were there it was insanely hot, but they still headed down for some fishing fun.

Phil sent me this pic of Maya catching some frogs:
After seeing that I knew I had to head down to capture some of the action.  Gib caught a fish!  Love how proud he looks!
 Maya wanted to see how it felt of course!
 Right after that, Daddy put out his line and about 30 seconds later had a bite.  
The kids loved checking out the catfish.
 I told you it was hot!  Look how pink his lil brown skin is!
 My little girly tomboy.
 It was time to hit the dusty trail with our red faces and sweaty heads!
Doesn't he look so thrilled that I'm still taking pics despite the extreme heat?
 Poor girl!  It was like an oven.
 This is pretty much all you can do when it's that hot!  Plant yourself in front of the COLD AIR.


Amy McSwegin said...

Megan has that dress! She's wearing it today. :)

Marisa said...

I loved fishing as a kid too! Love Phil's hat!