Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fun fun fun fun

We are at camp this week and havin a ball! A few memorable moments:
-Gibson and Maya are new to showers and they are loving them. After I gave some help this evening Gib wanted to linger so I left. My word, what a priceless moment it was to him start to sing in the shower!
-Maya wants a baby sister so bad she can taste it. What does she want to name the tiny bundle? Jersangela.
-Gibson caught a few fish today and he is so proud! But he would not touch them of course. Dude likes to keep it clean.
-Maya however is all about not being clean. She caught two frogs today, one of which still had a tail! She also has taken to catching and examining bugs. Good for her, but no I would not like to hold it, sister.
-We ventured into town today, which ended in a sweet treat. Phil and I had pie, and the kids shared some ice cream. Maya picked coconut almond fudge chip and I was so proud of her choice. Also one bite of it changed my life. Pretty much the most awesome ice cream I have ever tasted!
-Silas is here too! He has had some medical issues lately, so I am just thrilled to see him acting like himself today. That usually equals singing all the live long day. His top faves? "Hap Birday de Sisas" and "La la la Melmo's Erld".

I am home tomorrow and hopefully back here on the regular. With pictures, too!

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Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

Love Maya's name for her baby sister! Arwen has been asking for a baby lately too (might have been prompted by my longing for one). She hasn't named it yet and I'm fairly confident baby=girl to her. ;0)