Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Independence Day

We had a fabulous 4th!  The two days leading up to it were kind of crazy, so it was just nice to be at my parent's house in Indiana and just relax for awhile.  The country?  It does the heart good.  So does family!  And now prepare yourself for a complete onslaught of pictures.

I took Maya outside to snap a patriotic pic.  It was SO bright and sunny, this is what we ended up with!  I can't help but laugh when I look at it.
 The girl will find any dandelion in a 50 mile radius to make a wish on.
 Is he now a college boy with his hat pulled down, or what?!
 Love the excitement on his face...all from a pop-it!
 Apparently girls learn to stand like this at age 4.  
 This is what I'm dealing with every day people.  And I love it.
 I mean, she loves to make noise.
 He's delicious.
 Boxes o' fun.
 They kind of look like little bags of contraband, don't they?  
 My little cheeser.
 He looks too big in this picture!  I have mixed feelings about it.
 Silas' bff Papaw lets him try out whatever he wants, including swinging from branches.
 Just look at these two!
 Gib is like me.  He gets all overheated and whatnot.  He just.Couldn't.Go.On.
 Love him to pieces.
 We sat under the trees and felt the delicious breeze and warm sun.
 So inviting.
 Silas wanted a closer look at the corn hole action.  Here he is spotting us across the way and waving.  He's hilarious.
 Then it was time for the Can of Crabs to do a big performance for us.  They're goin places I tell ya.
 I love Maya's face in this picture.  She was looking at her Daddy.
 Giggle box.
 Such beautiful eyes!
 What up homeboy.
 Fun memories made with cousins!


Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

Great pics! LOVE the quilt. Sounds like a fantastic day.

Marisa said...

Love it! Looks good for the soul!