Saturday, August 13, 2011


I just love reading the letters we have gotten from our sponsor children.  We just got one today and I cry every time!  There is just such a humbleness, sweetness, and simplicity that this girl can learn from.  Here's what our  8 year old boy had to say this time:

"How are you doing whom I love?  I am fine.  Praise God.  I am in good health and in peace.  I finished this academic year with good result.  I learn God's word in the project.  I learnt that God loves his children.
It is cold here.  How about yours?
Pray for me to love and fear God and to be a smart student.
(Then he drew a beautiful, colorful picture of some flowers and trees)

We love you sweet Dege!

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Marisa said...

Wonderfully sweet!