Monday, August 22, 2011

horrifying things

1.  My complete and total disdain (aka, freaking out in tears) for mice has been well documented here.  I have blissfully lived our married life (9.5 years) without one mouse in our house.  Well, that we know of.  Our first little place was a bit shady.  Anyway, it's been awesome.  But it was always in the back of my mind knowing it can happen at any moment.  I can't be naive enough to think we will be a mouseless house forever.  Well, the streak ended folks.  Thankfully they (yes,THEY ) were only in our garage and not our house.  And thankfully my husband has dealt with it all and I never had to even see them (yes, THEM).  We noticed recently that a trash bag we had set in the garage had been nibbled and it was obvious it was a mouse.  What else sneaks in your garage and nibbles?!  We still had never seen or heard anything, but Phil set traps for us Thursday night.  We caught one the first night.  Hooray, it's gone!  But then we caught another one the next day.  And we have proceeded to now catch 2 mice children.  We had a freakin family livin up in here.  Uninvited I might add.  My sister said I should just hope it's not the Gosselins of mice.  Seriously.  It's kinda creep city that we've killed a mom, dad, and two children.  But at the same time...adios amigos.  I must say I've handled it quite well.  I think that's mostly because it wasn't in the house and I never saw one.  Because if that was the case, I probably would have up and moved by now, let's be honest.  So anyway, pray with me that there is never a number 5.  I would die a thousand deaths.  K?
2.  Now onto horrifying thing number dos.  I can't believe I'm putting this on here but it's so hilarious I have to.  You know the little light colored peach fuzzy hair on the side of your face?  Well I was putting on my moisturizer the other day and saw a hair and went to brush it back thinking it was from my head.  Oh no folks, it was on my face.  And it was like 4 inches long.  No lie.  It was the thin, peach fuzzy stuff. Yet one had gone wild and grown out of control.  I quickly yanked that baby out.  But seriously, how long has that been there?!  It's like I'm embarrassed for every thing I've done for the past few months (cause come on, that was growing for awhile!)  I'm not sure where to go from here.  I am not a hairy person generally, so maybe it's an age thing?  Either way, I guess inspections are required on the regular from here on out.  Yikes.
3.  And now for the last horrifying thing...I have a child in first grade and a child in kindergarten.  OK, so it's not very horrifying at all.  In fact that part is exciting and awesome.  I guess just the whole time flies part is horrifying.  Did I not just birth these babies?!  Parenting is like a whole mess of wonderfulness heaped up, but a little pinch of bittersweet is thrown in there too.  Sigh.

OK, that's all I have to scare you with today.  Hopefully back soon with some first day of school pics!

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This made me laugh. Thanks. :)