Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I've had a lot of people asking me recently what we're doing for school this year.  And if we're ready.
Um, can you ever be 100% ready until you just go for it and see what happens?  Oh, maybe it's just me then!  I kinda always feel like people say it with a foreboding tone, like dun dun dun...are you SURE you want to do this?!  It makes me laugh.  Do I doubt myself sometimes?  Wonder if I can really give my kids a great education?  Of course!  A lot, actually.  But I also believe those are lies.  I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength!  And I really count it a MASSIVE privilege to be able to experience these young years with my children and teach them in the way they should go.  I wouldn't give up witnessing these firsts for anything, folks.  Really.  Truly.  It's a joy!  I am not mother of the year, I am not a crazy organized person, I'm not a wild go-getter.  But like I said, I believe I can do this because I abide in Him.  And He's awesome.
I first started homeschooling when Gibson was 3, so this isn't our first go-round.  I know, it was just preschool, but I was lesson planning and we were learning.  It was very low key and low pressure.  Just the way I think it should be at that age.  But he was interested, so we did it.  This year he will be starting "first grade" and Maya "kindergarten".  I put quotes around them because we'll just be moving as they're ready, and not really just sticking to a grade level.  I thought I'd list out our curriculum here, both as a resource for others, and just for us to keep track from year to year.  And I also would love people to see that homeschooling can be affordable, so I'll list out the price.  Keep in mind this total will be for 2 children.

1.  Bible:  Daily devotional and some study books that we already have.  Free
2.  Core (language arts, math, social studies, science):  Time 4 Learning.  This is an on-line program and is a monthly subscription of 19.95 for your first child, and 14.95 for a second.  So roughly $35 a month for both children.  We will be schooling 8 months out of the year (roughly), so that's $280 for the year for two kids.  I have quite a few reasons for choosing this, but I won't go on and on here.  If you would like to talk more about it let me know!
3.  Handwriting and Spelling:  A Reason For.  It was actually cheaper to order it on amazon, so I got a teacher book for spelling, a student book for spelling,  and two different levels of handwriting student books for $65 and free shipping.
4.  Art:  The World's Greatest Artists.  The books for this study are available through our library, so the cost for us will be free.
5.  PE:  Family Time Fitness.  It is a one time purchase of $77.  It has 365 lessons with it, which will probably last us a good 2 years.  And then we can start all over again!  So this is a great deal.  It has good ideas so you don't have to think it up yourself.  Worth it.
6.  Spanish:  Speekee.  It is an online subscription for $7.50 a month.  For one school year that works out to be $60 for two kids.  We'll eventually do something like Rosetta Stone, but this is a great place to start with young children.

So that is that.  We are excited to start and it's less than 2 weeks away!  If we start some of these things and just don't love them, I will keep you posted!


Kate said...

Love it! We can do this through Him, and only through Him! It's going to be a great year!

The Rogersuz said...

What about music? I just HAD to ask:)

the clemensuz said...

Love this! Thanks for sharing your plan, and for confirming for me that it's normal to have some self-doubting moments. Our God is big!!

Marisa said...

Thanks for sharing your curriculum! I enjoy looking at what others have found to incorporate into their day!

Jeni said...

Fun! hope your school year is off to a great start.