Thursday, December 22, 2011

the latest

-  He just lost tooth number 3 yesterday.  In his words, "it just popped right out."  He was quite concerned that if he went to bed it would fall out and he would swallow it.  He's our lil worrier.  Thankfully it came out around dinner time so the child could go to bed in peace.
-  His current obsessions?  Legos and Mario.
-  He is constantly telling me he loves me and that I'm the best Mom ever.  That kid and his words of affirmation, I tell ya.  It's pretty awesome.
-  He is the perfect combination of sweet and funny.  Reminds me of his Daddy.  Which makes me think he'll be a pretty awesome husband and father some day.
-  We recently went to Chicago and he said he wants us to move to the city now.  He loved it!  Hmm, maybe because the lego store is there?!

-  So sassy yet so sweet!  She has been showing her helper side lately and I love it.  Last night at house church she put herself on clean up duty and helped load the dishwasher.  She was so excited and proud!
-  I had an early morning breakfast with friends one day this week and when I pulled in the drive way I noticed the curtains were open and all of the Christmas lights inside the house were all beautifully lit.  I was surprised that Phil would do that since it's usually my thang.  I walked in to see a smiling girl who said, "Look mom!  I opened up the house and got it all ready for you!"  She knows me well and my desire for light in the morning.  Oh it just warmed my heart to no end.
-  She got some pop beads yesterday and has been a jewelry making factory ever since.  Seriously hours and hours.
-  She pretty much loves anything fashion related and notices everything.  She has taken to complimenting strangers and it's awfully adorable.  Out of nowhere we'll be shopping, in a public bathroom, hanging at the library and I'll hear her say, "Excuse me.  I really like those boots." or "Excuse me, those earrings are really beautiful."  They always leave with a smile on their faces and it's been a good challenge for me to remember to encourage!
-  She continues to challenge Mama's sanity many days.  She is independent and very sure of her opinions.  Which is long as we can channel it in the right directions!

-  He is just as funny as ever and growing like crazy!  He seriously has shot up recently.  All of his 3T things that were literally hanging off of him and rolled up in the fall are now fitting perfectly.  Crazy!
-  I took him outside last week to take his 3 year pictures and he was such a ham!  I'll have to post a few soon (or if you're a fan of Ciao Bella on facebook you can see them now!) because they came out sooooo cute.  I think he loved having me all to himself, too!
-  Every morning he lays in his bed and sings.  It's adorable.  It's also a very, very, very loud way to wake up.
-  We recently got a free trial of netflix and the other night I was watching American Pickers while Gibson and Maya played legos.  Silas climbed up in my lap and intently watched two episodes with me. Maybe I'll have a junkin' partner in the future!
-  I always ask him if he's a baby and he says noooo.  Then I ask him if he's a big boy and he usually says yes.  Well one morning he said no and I asked what was he then.  He proudly pointed to his chest and said, "Eya (I'm a) MAN."  I lost it!

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Marisa said...

Such sweeties! Can you believe they are all getting so big? It seems like just yesterday we were both pregnant with Gibson and Lucas!