Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring school

Schooling our children at home this year has been challenging, stretching, and a big ol' blessing.  Has it been hard?  Yep.  Have I struggled with excitement and consistency sometimes (or, um, often)?  Most def.  But it truly has been such a joy.  When I look at how much they've learned this school year, I know it can be chalked up as a success.  Even though I feel like a failure sometimes!  But He gives more grace.  I have counted it a privilege to see the little light bulbs go off in their brains when we learn something new, or when they recall something we talked about months ago. 
So far this school year we have used Five in a Row curriculum.  It was great and a different approach to learning that has been really fun.  We finished our lesson book and instead of starting a new one, I decided to just go ahead and plan out the rest of our school year until we do some summer studies.  I'm basically just doing a thematic approach and chose some things I either want to focus on teaching them, or what they are really interested in learning about right now.  Last week we did Spring.  They had a blast!  We took a field trip to my parents house in the country to explore and find signs of Spring, we painted, we read fun books, we planted seeds, we played outside observing little things poking up through the ground and the weather change.  A great week all around! 

I always try to choose some versatile books that are written in different styles and have different illustration mediums.  This one looked like cut paper pieced together to form each picture. 
 I also always try to choose some multi-cultural action.
 This was a book of poems and it had such sweet little illustrations to go along with each one.  Very watercolorish and soft.
 This book was very simple and had a very graphic look.  A good change up.
 This one described life on a farm and how a child discovered Spring all around.  Loved the pics in this one and how much family life was mixed into the story.
 I think their fave activity of the week was planting seeds. 
They stared at it multiple times a day waiting to see some growth.  This week we have green sprouts all over.  They are so excited!  Now Mommy just needs to remember to water it...
 Friday is always art day around here and one of their favorite days of the week.  It's mine too.  :)  I love art day!
 Maya painted a floral masterpiece.

 Look at those sweet, tiny hands.
It has been scientifically proven that sticking your tongue out improves concentration and performance.  At least it does for Gib. 
Adorable in her lil painting apron.
So proud of his creation!

Monday, March 28, 2011

these 3

Being a Mom can be a tough gig.  Sometimes I get frustrated, overwhelmed, angry, tired, impatient...and the list goes on and on.  Most of it tied to my own selfishness.
But then I look at those smiling, giggling, silly faces above.  My heart is filled with joy, love, thankfulness, pride, laughter...and guess what?  That list goes on and on too, only it's longer than the first.  And what is it all tied to?  One extremely gracious Father.
Life with Him is ALWAYS better.

Friday, March 11, 2011


Yep, that's how the people who live there pronounce it.  To the rest of us, it's Louisville.  There is much debate of the pronunciation, but who cares what it's called, it was fun!  A few weeks ago (ok it's been almost a month) Phil and I took a little weekend away to celebrate our 9 year union.  Thanks to a great hotwire deal, we had an awesome stay at the Hyatt Place there and ventured out into the city for two days.  Relaxation, shopping, eating amazing food, and just spending time laughing and hanging out was a blast.  I could go down a list and rave about all we did, but I'm just going to tell you about one specific restaurant we went to.  Mainly because it's literally the only time we took pictures the entire weekend.  I know.  Lame.  Anyway, it's called Lynn's Paradise Cafe and it's a well-known spot that has gotten lots of press over the last few years.  After going there we can see why!  Check it out:

There are all sorts of fun statues everywhere.  Of course I fell in love with the green gorilla back by the dumpsters.
I mean if people are staring at you taking pics in a back alley, why not give them a good show, right?
My main squeeze was looking hot!
People watching while waiting for our food of course.
Such a kitschy, colorful place!
It's full of old dinette sets that have been donated to the restaurant.  I wanted to go around and take pics of every chair!  
Huge trees in the middle with all sorts of decor.
Love the legs, the bulb lights on the window and one of my fave parts of the restaurant...a vintage lamp on every table.
Hot sauce.  Cause my man likes his food spicy.
This makes me thirsty.  Hold on while I go get a drink...
K, I'm back.  We decided to go for the two famous things on the menu...the two that won Throwdown with Bobby Flay.  The first was a delicious spicy omelete with a biscuit and fried green tomatoes on the side.  It was seriously amazing.

This loaf o' biscuit?  It was incredible.  And I'm picky bout ma biscuits.
And well, this was the other one.  French toast with strawberries and all other sorts of goodness.  It was like having a massive dessert for breakfast.  Have you every seen such a thing?!   Extremely tasty but very rich. 
You can rent this place out.  Wouldn't it be such a fun place for a party?!

And this little guy...well I wanted to smuggle his lil eggplant self in my purse.  I decided not to exit the joint in handcuffs and left him on the table to make other people smile.
It was the weekend before Valentine's Day, so there were love notes all over the windows. 
We loved you Louisville, and can't wait to visit again soon!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

over it

We had a nasty virus visit Mr. Gibson last week.  It wasn't pretty.  I was so worried I was about to take him to the hospital.  I'm not too easily freaked out but this one scared me.  After 2-3 days he was completely back to his sweet self.  Well, he never lost the sweetness.  In fact, when he gets sick he's like the nicest, quietest person in the world.  He even vomits quietly.  Too much?  Well, it's not the first time I've discussed vomit around here.
We were so glad the rest of us had emerged unscathed.
But then Monday rolled around and I felt a little "off".  By late afternoon I had a full on fever and some stomach issues.  Then the tiredness hit me.  OH THE TIREDNESS.  Now I know why I was worried about Gib's limp noodle body, because I was now experiencing the extreme limpness.  I had to cancel my bible study girls coming over (BOO!!!) and just hunkered down for the night.
Yesterday?  Repeat of the same.
Today?  Well it's 4pm and I'm definitely making progress.  I had to run to the store for a few things this morning and upon my return I thought I might collapse.  A quick trip had plum worn me out.  Just this afternoon I tried to pick a few things up around the house and ended up dizzy and hot-faced.
Tomorrow?  Praying normalcy returns!

(PS just a few more small things and the bedroom will be revealed!  remember me talking about that?  well, it's been done for almost a month now, but i just want to stick a few more things in before i show it off!)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

the sweater

One day I walked into my bedroom to find my daughter sitting on my bed wearing my favorite sweater.
So I grabbed my camera.
 She continued to roll around, all wrapped up in that oatmeal sweater.
 Then she put on my reading glasses from my bedside table.
And things got weird.
 Really weird.
I think I'll start calling her Martha.  
 Then she ditched the glasses and found my earrings.
And she hooked them over her ears like she always does.
Then things got weird all over again.
Maybe this is Martha sans dentures?
 Yay!  Martha gots her teeth back.
Then I squeezed her and kissed her.  I mean, what else could I do?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

top 3

I LOVE music down to my bones.  Just love, love, love it.  And when I find an artist I like I tend to play them to death because I get a tad excited.  But it's seriously so hard to find someone you can listen to and not get tired of them after a song or two.  I love to see live shows, but that has become a bit harder since the babes came along.  Babysitters don't usually like to hang around until 2am.  Who knew?  BUT, if I got to pick 3 concerts to go to this year, these 3 would be it.  It's the best when you find someone who sounds better live than recorded.

1.  Adele.  She's just AMAZING.  If I could sing worth a lick, I'd want it to sound like her.  Plus, how many "artists" these days could just stand on a stage with a mic and piano and rock it like this?  Not many, I'll tell ya that much friend.  And she feels what sings, as you'll see at the end.  Made me tear up a bit, too!

2.  Ray Lamontagne.  Not the first time I've mentioned him, I know.  But my lil love affair with his music continues.  He's an awesome song writer who also just sings with such emotion.  You can tell it's his passion.  This video is a bit long, but just let it play while you go about your emailing and blog checkin.  You won't be sorry.

3.  The Civil Wars.  Some of my favorite newer music to come around in a long time.  Love their harmonies.  This isn't my favorite song of theirs, but it's their most recent release.  And no, that's not Johnny Depp, it's John Paul White.  :)