Thursday, June 30, 2011


OK, I LOVE my husband.  I love him for a lot of reasons, but I have so much respect for his work and the way he provides for our family.  Sometimes I forget just how talented he is!  He does an amazing job leading the band at Apex.  I love that even though he has officially been in this role for 9.5 years, he hasn't gotten stuck just doing things the same way all the time.  He has taken some risks in the way he works the bands, and it has paid off in so many ways!  He is passionate about identifying leaders, investing in them, challenging them, and developing them into successful leadership roles.  And is so encouraging to them in the process!  It truly has been a joy to watch.
Each summer he commits to youth camps and does an excellent job.  I have LOVED watching him at Crossings this year.  He just pours into the young volunteer band.  They have grown so much in the last 2 years!  I'm so thankful that Crossings is so family friendly and that we get to tag along on every week that he's there!  This past week he has been gone at a camp called Velocity.  It was so fun talking to him on the phone and hearing his excitement over sharing the gospel with some of the guys.  He is passionate about sharing Love, and I love it!  I'll be honest, this week every year can be a hard one.  He's gone for almost a full week, and we hardly get to talk at all.  Some days we don't get to, and others we may only have 15 min or so.  I can battle with feeling upset about it, but when I talk to him and hear the ways God is moving, I instantly feel guilty.  :)  (Every other full time minister's wife knows exactly what I'm talking about it here!)  Ultimately he's not mine to keep, and it is a privilege to watch him go forth and serve!  But don't get me wrong, I certainly am glad that I'll be able to hug him in just a few short hours!
All of these random words thrown together basically boil down to this:
I'm proud of him.

Monday, June 27, 2011

sharing the love

-  If you've never read a Phil Smouse book, ya needs ta get your hands on one.  I actually picked ours up years ago at the dollar store of all places.  So glad I scooped those babies up!  They have always been some of our faves to read to the kids, and now Gibson has discovered them and has been reading them over and over.  They are hilarious.  We have: Why Oh Why?  Oh Me, Oh My!, I Love Ruthie, Pete, Feet, and Fish to Eat, and A Jonah Day.  I saw some on for as low as one red cent.  Go buy them!
-  If you haven't already, you need to check out  Such a good spot for inspiration!  I pretty much died right here in my chair when I saw the recent dream home tour that was featured.  It's broken up into several days, but here is a link to day one.  Every day of the tour I sat here and gasping and sighing.  Such a happy house!
-  Have some big cardboard boxes and some bored kids?  Check out 32 Things to Make Using a Cardboard Box.
-  Our lovely little farmer's market starts next week and I'm prepping by gathering some new summery recipes.  Here are a few I've gathered so far (via pinterest!)...Avocado Chicken Salad, Mango Quinoa Salad, Guacamole Bruschetta, Oven Fried Zucchini Chips with Basil Dipping Sauce, Spicy Honey Chicken, and Cilantro-Lime Vinaigrette .  Now I'm hungry.
-  I've seen some hilarious posters lately.  A few of my personal faves?
"Oh, dear.  I really ought to do something.  But I'm already in my pajamas."  Pretty sure I've rationalized with that one before!
"If you tickle me, I'm not responsible for your injuries."  These words have come out of my mouth to my darling husband on more than one occasion.  And I usually add, "...and I won't even feel bad!  Because I warned you!"   I really couldn't be sweeter.
"I try not to laugh at my own jokes, but we all know I'm hilarious."  I mean, sometimes I can't get out the words because I'm already laughing at what I'm going to say.  Geez.
-  I want this garden but I have not the space, nor the green thumb required.
-  Like fun, retro stuff that isn't outrageously priced?  Check out!  I adore their kitchen linens.  It would also be a great place to find a unique gift for a child.
-  Our beautiful magnolia tree in our front yard is full of blooms right now.  I snipped one a few rainy days ago and brought it in to enjoy.  She only lasted two days, but it was beautiful to watch her open and then fill our little house with fragrance.  I'll leave you with a few peeks...

Friday, June 24, 2011

summer hairs

Yesterday it was time.  I lined up all 3 and did 3 hair cuts in a row.  Thanks to some Inspector Gadget on Netflix, it was no problem at all.  They were all getting the sweaty, stinky hair of summer, so we took off some inches.

The before pictures:

And after:
 He loves his hair and he told me a girl at VBS told him he was "just too cute".  Ha!  He said he thought that was weird.
 Maya has been clamoring for shorter hair so she got it.  It's a little wonky around her face after sleeping on it.
 Here's a pic of the back.  I wish I could cut the back of my own hair and make it look like this!
 And now for the biggest change of all...Silas!
 My baby is gone and I'm left with a handsome toddler.  It takes me off guard every time I look at him!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Finally a chance to throw some vacation pictures out there.  I'm actually sick, so this is about the only thing I'm up for right now.  Sitting while 20 something pictures upload?  I can do that!
We had such a wonderful, wonderful time on our family vacation this year!  It was a perfect mix of relaxation and being on the go.  Every year I always wish we had at least 2 weeks instead of one!  The five of us love having so much time together, and then throw my family in there and it's just pure awesomeness.  
OK, I know I went on picture overload here, but I seriously wanted to put up about a hundred.  I could just snap pics of my people on the beach forever and a day.  I think that's a sign I need to move near a beach...right?
We went on a dolphin cruise this year and it was my favorite thing that we did. We'd never been, but our booking company gave us an amazing coupon and Silas didn't cost a dime.  So our total for this 2.5 hour cruise for our entire family?  $18!  Here are a few dolphins swimming up to our boat:
 My Gibson on the beach.  He has a blast chillin down by the waterline.
 And Lulu?  Well she just lays right down in those waves and loves every second.  I learn so much about living more freely from this girl!
 The Bub was touch and go at first (he HATED the beach last year), but he came around and ended up LOVING it!  That's my boy!
 My word at the handsomeness.  Love this boy!
 Silas sat on the balcony every morning singing loudly to the ocean.  It was the cutest.  You're welcome to the balconies around us.  Breakfast and a show.
 This was the view from our balcony.  You can even see the railing in the foreground.  All thanks to our awesome friends who gave us such a great deal!
 Gibson directing the waves?
 Bubbalicious with Daddy and Papaw, two of his favorite peeps.  Last year he was petrified of the can see by his face how much that has changed!
 Good gravy.  He does me in!
 My Maya.  What a beauty!
 Doing her best Vanna.
 The big boy cousins having a great time together!
 Silas+his bff Papaw=happiness.
 Lu LOVED writing in the sand this year.  "Maya and Mom"
 Every girl needs a sparkly headband on the beach to hold back that sandy, windblown hair.
 The best shot we could get of the five cousins.  Cutie pies each and every one!
Daddy and his babies.  Minus me.  I'm only in a few of our vacation pics.  Darn it.
Jokes on the boardwalk.
This is what he does these days when you say cheese.  Oh my.
My best girl with the golden, setting sun and palm trees. 

Dear Destin:  We will love and miss you until we see you again next year.
Love, the W's

Monday, June 13, 2011


I promise I've not fallen off the face of the earth.  A few happenings:
-We took a family vacation to Destin in May.  We had such an awesome time!!!  Perfect weather, beach days, pool time, delicious foods, dolphin cruise...just an all around ba-last.
-Phil does quite a few youth camps during the summer.  We're so glad we get to tag along to a few of them!  The kids get to do all sorts of fun stuff and are awfully tired at the end of the day.  One of the camps is set back away from it all in Kentucky.  We love some good time in the country!  You'd think it was a nature reserve with all we've spotted so far...deer, wild turkey, a snake (yikes!), fish, vultures, more kinds of moths and butterflies than I've ever seen, and I won't mention the mouse from last year!
-Picture takin' has been so fun lately, but also busy!  My partner and I are restructuring the way we do our scheduling and I think it's going to be better for everyone!  We are booked for June and July but if you're interested in a late Summer/early Fall shoot we will post details on Ciao Bella when we land on them!
-I just had the pleasure to attend Deeper Still in Louisville with my bible study girls.  I just love these ladies and we heard some amazing TRUTH this weekend!  Challenged in more ways than one and excited about how He's changing me!

Ok I for real need to pack!  Just wanted to pop in because I missed it here.  Hope to be back soon with a few vacation pics!!!