Thursday, September 22, 2011

thankful thursday

Thankful for...

-The warm sun and sweet breeze.

-The smell of baking pumpkin cookies wafting through the house.

-Pandora while I edit.

-Maya playing with her polly pocket's at my feet while I worked this afternoon.  Love to hear her story lines.

-A new surgery date for Silas to get new ear tubes and adenoids removed.  Brother NEEDS it.

-An encouraging appointment with our neurosurgeon that cleared him for this procedure.

-A Tim Horton's iced capp for breakfast this morning.

-My quad girls texting one another scripture all day.  Can't wait to meet with them in the morning.

-Kate coming over just to hang out after my kids are in bed tonight.  So excited for uninterrupted conversation!

-The wonderful wedding I was able to capture this past weekend.  I had tears behind my lens...and even tears as I edit.  Their love for Him and each other is so apparent that it's awesome.

-The Fall decor I broke out last week.  Happy little pumpkins.

-Gibson hugging me today and saying, "I wish I could stay right here in this place for the rest of my life."  He's going to make a girl VERY happy someday.