Sunday, October 30, 2011

sunday evening meanderings

– I ate some Pizza Hut pizza tonight for the first time in years. Pretty sure it's burning a hole in my stomach as I type.
- I have missed this place! I keep wanting to blog, yet want to share pictures. However, Ciao Bella work is so crazy I haven't had time to edit my own photos. Soon and very soon I will be done for the season and then I can breathe! That should mean more regular blogging, too.
- I bought new socks and they're cutting off my ankle circulation. I've never in my life been called petite, but I have never had an ankle issue. Especially with a soft, stretchy sock. Geez. I'm totally blaming the sock in this situation.
- My sister-in-law and one of my close friends both find out if they are carrying a boy or a girl tomorrow!!! The big ultrasound is always so exciting! It will be one fun Halloween!
- Speaking of Halloween, the kids are totally stoked of course. Gibson still hasn't decided what he wants to be. He has the option of a ninja or pirate, but he said he may just make something out of "recyclable materials". I don't know where he gets these things. I also let them have a cookie after dinner tonight and he said I probably shouldn't have made that choice. When I asked him why he said because they were already going to be getting a million pieces of candy and that's probably too many sweets to be healthy. He speaks truth, that one.
- I'm about to travel to ITLY tonight via "Only You". I'm pretty excited. Damon Bradley!
- I know everyone is gushing about it, but I really do love pinterest! I have made so many recipes and put many ideas to use. Just plain inspirational. (Please go into it with a content heart though, or you'll find yourself pinning million dollar homes and fancy trips to Bora Bora before you know it.)
- I am obsessed with cardigans and I don't care who knows it! It's pretty much all I wear and I make no apologies.
- I am finding myself itching to put up the Christmas tree and start playing Christmas music. I normally have a no celebrating rule until Thanksgiving is over, but I'm wondering if I'll make it! I buckled and started listening to the music mid November last year. It's just so flippin cozy. It's like the older I get the more sentimentalish I get. Do you like to wait to celebrate or do you throw caution to the wind early?
- Really trying to break in these socks but wondering if I'll find blue feet when I peel them off. Not sure how much longer I can hack it. All of the sudden my 3.99 deal is seeming like too high a price to pay.
- I have 3 loads of laundry on the couch just waiting to be folded. I think they've been here four days. Maybe more. Oh yeah, one load in the dryer too. And the kids' clothes are still overflowing the hamper. I need to get back in the laundry game. Listen I'm all about throwing in the load, switching it over, even putting away. It's the folding I can't get into. Except towels. I don't mind towels.
- The sweet woman next door just brought over three little bags of candy because she will be out of town tomorrow. So sweet! There are pretty much no little children on our street so she is always so nice to ours. However those bags are now taunting me. I have made it thus far with zero candy in my house. You heard me. If it's here I'll eat it so I have passed it up in the Target aisles. I stopped and looked longingly once, but then thought of Joseph literally running from temptation from Potipher's wife. So I scurried on out of there. Like for real ran whilst pushing my cart. Well, maybe it was a light jog. Still.
- I would love to yammer on but my feet are freezing, yet I still have on the socks. I think it's time to restore circulation. See you again soon!