Tuesday, January 3, 2012

spilling over

Phil and I crawled into bed much too late last night. We were both tired and ready. As we lay there recounting a few things from the day, I told him a silly little story of an interaction I had with Gibson. Instead of a random chatter response he said, "You're a great Mom, babe. Seriously our kids are so lucky to have you. You're a really great Mom." I had to let a few, warm tears drop to my cold pillowcase before I could eek out a thank you. It's those little moments, in the quiet darkness, that add up to mean the most.


jenny said...

Aww, Amber, this brought a few tears to my eyes....so great when our husbands encourage us in our role as moms. And he's right! You are a terrific mom to those sweet kiddos.....your gentle, kind spirit is a blessing to them each day! Love u!

Marisa said...

He's right! You are a terrific mom. So, so sweet when our husbands come along side us to cheer us on!

Kate said...

smart man you are married to! you are a great mom and i'm so thankful get to share life with you!